Structural Projects

This morning we will be exploring the PDB, learning to visualize proteins, and exploring the concept of Problem Spaces– thus we have a lot to do! Here’s a list of links that we will be making use of:

Some PyMOL tutorials that might be handy:

So your first assignment I’d like you to generate an image of any protein. We will be blogging about it (and perhaps we can persuade Ethel to show off her new tool)– please make sure you describe your protein and what you did to display it. Please use some descriptive tags (3 to 5) and click on the Structural Projects category so that it displays on the right page!

Now we’ll spend a few minutes examining what is in a Proteopedia entry.
And what is a Problem Space and how can we make use of them in our classroom. Some appropriate for our next project might include:

Our mid-morning project will be to investigate a structural question with your group. In your post you need to tell us:

  • The question(s)/protein(s) you are investigating
  • Resources you would use in this investigation (include URLs)

When you finish — LUNCH TIME!!

Here’s what we have accomplished:

Conserf Server –

Molecule of the Month –

Proteins Historians of Life from Microbes Count! –

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