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PaRoTo Protein Project

Final_PaRoToGroup: Mark Pauley, Srebrenka Robic, Rafael Tosado Project Description: Exploration of a Hypothetical/Putative Protein Summary: The goal of this project is to provide students with the experience of exploring the structure and function of a protein that is labeled “hypothetical” … Continue reading

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Yodio Image J analysis

Mark Pauley Fola Agusto Rafael Tosado ImageJ analysis of a DNA Microarray Picture.  The green dots representing an upregulated gene where selected for the analysis.

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Alignment Spreadsheet

Group Members:  Mark Pauley, Srebrenka Robic, Rafael Tosado Project:  Our group plans o develop a spreadsheet to help students visualize basic sequence alignments.  Specifically, the spreadsheet would calculate the score of an alignment between two entered sequences.  The values in … Continue reading

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