Yodio – about your image analysis

This is a place for you to add a comment with a link to your Yodio.

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  1. Andrei Olifer says:

    Yodio on hippocampal cell image (A.Olifer and S.Robic)

    This brainbow image is an image of the hippocampal cells imaged by visualizing fluorescently labeled proteins. We used ImageJ to visualize and count neurons that stained red.

    Image source is Nature:450_56-63, 2007

  2. Xiaofei Wang says:

    This is a group by bwd

  3. Rebecca Seipelt says:

    Here is my Yodio on 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis.


  4. Debra Goldberg says:

    Analysis of plaques on untreated and treated brain of a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease: