Using Google Docs for Collecting Data

This activity has several pieces. The overarching goals include collecting some information from you about your cyberlearning background and introducing you to some productivity tools for collecting data and collaborating.

  • First you will take a short Cyberlearning Survey.
  • Next, create a google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Then we will work in small groups to develop your own survey with questions for your workshop colleagues.
  • When you have your survey ready you can log into the workshop web page and announcing your survey by commenting on this blog posting.
  • Finally, you should respond to several of the other surveys so that we can learn more about each other.

We will work through many of the details together during the workshop session.

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16 Responses to Using Google Docs for Collecting Data

  1. Robin Dowell says:

    Had not used the survey part of Google Docs — that was cool.

    Please take our survey!!!

  2. Dorjsuren Badamdorj says:

    Please take my survey.

  3. Gaolin Milledge says:

    Please take my survey. Just testing.

  4. Rebecca Seipelt says:

    Our survey is on Teaching, Writing, and Technology. Please help us by contributing your responses.

  5. Patty Stinger-Barnes says:

    Please take this survey about your course technology use and your students’ quantitative abilities.

  6. Arlin Toro says:

    Please answer this survey about remote sensing data
    Arlin and Vilma

  7. Rafael Tosado-Acevedo says:

    Please answer our survey on Math for Life Sciences at:

  8. Xiaofei Wang says:

    take this survey

  9. Jossie V. de Varona says:

    Jossie V. de Varona
    See my FISRT CYBERLEARNING survey experience

  10. Edilberto Arteaga says:

    Hi this survey is good for you..

  11. Edilberto Arteaga says:

    Hi, its me… this is my survey