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Citrus Canker: Alternatives for Control

What do you do when county officials show up to cut down the orange trees in your backyard? What causes citrus canker and how is it spread? This plant pathogen was the first microbe to have its genome sequenced outside of the US. There is much to investigate before deciding on the best alternative for control.

  • examine international alternatives for the control of citrus canker

Topic(s): Agricultural/Horticultural, Control

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Questions (a good start)

Citrus Canker: Threat to Florida Agriculture

Quarantine Maps

Citrus Canker in Florida through June 13, 2003

Spatio-temporal progress of Citrus Canker in Southeast Florida

Citrus Canker: The Pathogen and Its Impact

"Citrus Canker: The Threat to Florida Agriculture" from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Citrus canker plant disease lesson from the APS Education Center and Plant Health Instructor Article summary for Plant Health Progress review article, "Citrus Canker: The Pathogen and Its Impact"

Guide to diagnosis of Citrus canker by Dean W. Gabriel, University of Florida, Gainesville
"Current Status of Citrus Canker" from USDA-APHIS

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