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  • Got Milk? Revisited
  • New York - 99
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  • Family Trees/ Helena, Ben, Sam,Gray, Linda, Kim
  • Kujira? / PRISM workshop participants
  • New York - 99/ Biotech 2003 Session 36 Participants


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    Biology WorkBench
    Biology WorkBench is a web-based resource for analyzing and visualizing molecular data. Database searching and access to a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools are integrated within one interface. Need to create an account.


    Case Resources

    Engineer a Crop
    Compare the traditional method of selective breeding with one of the latest transgenic methods.

    Using the LateBlight Simulation
    Using Late Blight is a web resource for faculty wishing to see how a simulation could be used with investigative case-based learning. One of the best ways to think about using cases in your classroom is by looking at the use of cases by other instructors.


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