Numbers Count Workshop April 1-2, 2011

The Numbers Count workshop presentation will focus on global health issues surrounding cancer and emphasize the use of medical data, visualization, and modeling. Lane Community College will host faculty who are interested in introducing more opportunities for quantitative reasoning in biology through contemporary problem solving. This workshop is funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Participants will meet in Building 16 in Rooms 117 and 115. We will work in small groups on our own laptops/or computers in the Room 117 to:

  • explore GapMinder (global data visualization) in graph and mapping modes
  • learn to use ImageJ (freely available image analysis software from NIH) to record data (areas and diameters) from medical images, and
  • access our Cyberlearning in Community Colleges user group at and learn more about social networking and productivity tools.
  • download resources including powerpoints, handouts, data and images for use in their own classrooms.

In the age of Big Data, students must grapple with mathematical models, tools, and quantitative reasoning as they prepare for the workplace. As science and technology advance, the rapid acquisition of data frames an evolving intersection between mathematics and science. The use of data in our courses must be accompanied by opportunities to develop quantitative reasoning, visualization of data, and familiarity with mathematical models.

We will also explore cyberlearning in community colleges as part of the C3 Cyberlearning Project. Please see the schedule for more information.

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