Making Connections

There are several ways to do this. One way is to think about the case as a whole and see if there are underlying themes. Global warming, insect-borne diseases, and careers in biology are some themes many people identify for "Fleaing Louisiana."

Another way to brainstorm is to list questions you have as a result of reading the case. Using the first paragraph again as an example, here are some questions raised by learners who have worked with this case:

 Why are there lots of insects in January? What affects the number of insects at any given time of year? Are there really more than usual? What is the usual pattern?

Why is Ms. Cardinale-Jones concerned for the safety of her children? What diseases do ticks, roaches and mosquitos carry? Are there other reasons besides disease to be concerned about these insects?

What can Ms. Cardinale-Jones do to control the insects? What advice should Moses give her? What is the biology of ticks? Roaches? Mosquitoes?

Why are people calling Moses Anders about this? What do they think he knows or can do for them? What sorts of jobs deal with these issues?

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