Stanley, E. et al. 2012. Science Case Network.

This website seeks to establish communication between case and PBL users in science education including developers, educators, researchers, learners, professional organizations, and administrators.  The site features social networking tools in support of working groups. (Last accessed December 2012)

Stanley, E. et al. 2009 – 2012. myPlantIT: Career, Cases, and Collaboration

This website is the communication hub of the Plant IT Careers, Cases, and Collaborations Project engaging secondary students and teachers in active, collaborative science experiences that integrate IT in the context of plant biology. (Last accessed December 2012)

Stanley, E. and M. Waterman.  2008 – present.  Investigative Case Based Learning.

This website includes resources for writing, implementing and evaluating ICBL with over 55 case modules written by participants in ICBL workshops.  (Last accessed December 2012)

Stanley, E. and M. Waterman. 2003 – present.  Using Investigative Cases in Geoscience.

This web project was developed as an invited article as part of the “Starting Point:  Teaching Introductory Level Geoscience” project.   (Last accessed December 2012)

Stanley, E. D. 1998 – present.  Visual Learning in the Field Web Projects:

Stanley, E. D. et al.  1997- present.  BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium.

This website hosts 25+ years of national and international BioQUEST projects including downloadable resources including the BioQUEST Library simulations, bioinformatics problem spaces, and quantitative tools, over 50 workshops with resources, and hundreds of participant projects. (Last accessed December 2012)