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Developmental Allometry: Scaling in Growth

This excel workbook illustrates a number of allometric equations in animal growth. The workbook also calculates an allometric equation with graphical output for data entered by the user. Brain mass, skeletal mass, and metabolic rate compared to body size are a few of the variables illustrated. The user can compare proportionality coefficients and exponents for different species groups to determine how they are different. The user can compare allometric equations of gathered data to those found in the workbook.


John R. Jungck, Beloit College
Jennifer A Spangenberg, Beloit College

Published by: BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

OS: win98, win2000, winXP

User Manuals and Curricular Materials
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Tutorial & Background materials

Evolution and Development I: Size and Shape, Brown University

Jungck John R., Spangenberg Jennifer A () Developmental Allometry: Scaling in Growth. A module of the Biological ESTEEM Collection, published by the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. URL: