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Island Biogeography

This excel workbook demonstrates the principles of the MacArthur-Wilson theory of Island Biogeography. It allows the user to define the mainland species pool, area of the island, and distance of the island from the mainland. Graphical output included species richness equilibrium at varying island size and distance. The workbook also allows the user to calculate a species-area function for data entered into the data input page. Several datasets on island area and species richness are included for various types of islands and species. Variables and formulas are defined in the accompanying tutorial.


John R. Jungck, Beloit College
Jennifer A Spangenberg, Beloit College

Published by: BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

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User Manuals and Curricular Materials
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Education Research & Pedagogical Materials

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Data Sources

Island Biogeography Datasets by The International Biogeography Society

Tutorial & Background materials

Island Biogeography by Mike Palmer

Biogeography – Island Biogeography by

Biodiversity and Conservation: A Hypertext Book by Peter Bryant

Jungck John R., Spangenberg Jennifer A () Island Biogeography. A module of the Biological ESTEEM Collection, published by the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. URL: