Textile Evidence

Weave of the Source Textile  for Your Unknown Fiber

Known Textiles

Physical  Tests

Fiber Images

Molecular Sequences
1 B all all all A
2 D all all all B
3 E all all all C
4 A all all all D
5 G all all all E
6 D all all all F
7 A all all all G
8 C all all all H
9 D all all all I
10 B all all all J
11 A all all all B
12 C all all all D
13 G all all all H
14 B all all all A
15 F all all all C



Weave A

Weave B

Weave C

Weave D

Weave E

Weave F

Weave G


Textile Samples

Please feel free to cut a small sample for your group’s investigation.

Fabric Source Fibers
Green gauze India 100 % Cotton
Blue and turquoise yarn United States Acrylic
Dark brown and beige chenille China 29% Polyester, 48% Rayon, 11% Linen
Gold Dupioni India 100 % Silk
Red plain China 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Cotton Balls Mexico 100 % Cotton
Beige with blue and red peacock and floral print United States 100 % Cotton
Orange burlap Imported? 100% Jute
Unbleached beige fabric China 100% Rough Cotton
Cream with shiny white threads China !00 % Polyester
Rust paisley print Peru 100% Cotton with teflon coating


Lab Testing


Fiber A

Fiber B (Same scale as A)

Fiber C (Same scale as A)

Fiber D (Same scale as A)

 Fiber E

 Fiber F


Molecular Sequences:

A Fiber 1B
B Fiber 1F
C Fiber 2B
D Fiber 2F
E Fiber 3C
F Fiber 3F
G Fiber 4C
H Fiber 4F
I Fiber 5B
 Fiber 5F