Here are the resources (including the powerpoint presentations) for our sessions.

This is a picture from the 25th anniversary of BioQUEST at the BQ Summer Workshop last June. The balloons mimic a giant peapod representing our 3P‘s pedagogy of Problem Posing, Problem Solving, and Peer Persuasion

We have an extended opportunity for discussion through posts.  I invite you to post during the session and after with questions, recommendations, insights, and ideas you wish to share.

Please feel free to contact me directly as well at:

Best wishes, Ethel Stanley

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  1. It would be great if you would post a note about yourself!
    As Director of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, I was fortunate to have been introduced to cases in 1996. Case-based learning exceeded my expectations and I consider it especially relevant for today’s cyberlearners. I have an ongoing collaboration with Margaret Waterman at Southeast Missouri State University that has resulted in several projects. I’m looking forward to this conference!

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