A photo of Peas (P's)

Pea image by zaser shared under (cc).

Welcome back! This is the second BioQUEST Blog Update and we have a great collection of resources and materials to share again this time around.

First, a quick thank you to all of you who shared notes of encouragement and interest with us after the first update. We have started to refer to the blog as the cyber-BQNotes, in reference to our print newsletter, because it is an important tool for sharing information with the community. The biggest difference is that the blog updates are much easier to produce and they accumulate over time as new content on the web site.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions drop us a line at bioquest@beloit.edu. You can also use this address to sign-up to receive these updates via email (or to stop receiving them). We send out updates every 2 weeks and we will never share your contact information without your permission.

In this BQ Blog Update we are excited to highlight:

We also want to remind you:

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