We will be collecting information from the Where Are We? Evolution Survey for about one more week (through March 18h, 2009). There has been good participation so far but we are still a little short of our goal of 50 responses. This post contains some data summaries for the surveys that have been completed up to this point. Please take 5 minutes and make sure that your voice is heard by completing the survey at

From the first two graphs you can see that we are getting very broad representation across institutional types and years of teaching experience.


There are many interesting data to explore from the survey. We are very much looking forward to digging in and sharing our results when the survey wraps up. Until then, we will share one set of questions where the preliminary data look pretty interesting. The survey asks respondents to choose between pairs of “community resources” that they think would help them teach evolution more effectively. The choice for survey submitted before today are represented below. How would you answer?


Add your data to the collection by completing the Where Are We? Evolution Survey. If you have already completed it, consider sending it to a colleague who might be interested in participating.

In a couple of weeks we will share these results and post a new survey on finding and sharing teaching resources online.

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