In their first issue of 2009 Science published a special issue on Education & Technology which includes,

… a range of articles in the research, opinion, news, and book review sections that examine how education is changing in the face of technology. Related videos and podcasts feature interviews with some of the authors.

Most of the materials require a subscription to view but the Introduction to the Special Issue is open access.

Here is the full list of articles by category.

REPORT: Why Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance on In-Class Concept Questions
EDITORIAL: Making a Science of Education
BOOKS: The Gamers’ Advancement of Learning
BOOKS: Inside the Schooled Mind
BOOKS: A Handbook for Hands-On Learning
BOOKS: What’s Wrong with Inferences from Test Scores?
PERSPECTIVES: Farewell, Lecture?
NEWS: NSF Rethinks Its Digital Library
NEWS: New Landscape for the Earth Sciences
NEWS: A Nobelist’s Passionate Pursuit of Excellence
NEWS: A Vision in Search of Funding
NEWS: Computers As Writing Instructors
NEWS: Glow Lights Up Scottish Classrooms
NEWS: Korea Tries to Level the Field
NEWS: A Personal Tutor for Algebra
PERSPECTIVE: Immersive Interfaces for Engagement and Learning
PERSPECTIVE: Education and Training Technology in the Military
PERSPECTIVE: Technology and Testing
PERSPECTIVE: Video Games: A Route to Large-Scale STEM Education?
PERSPECTIVE: Laptop Programs for Students
REVIEW: Online Education Today
REVIEW: Opening Education

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