This workshop is for faculty interested in addressing the gap between mathematics and its application in biological problem solving. To support the observation, experimentation and modeling of data, the Numbers Count workshop will provide an introduction to data, tools, and curricular materials for use with undergraduates. We will also address the lack of context that impedes student learning—students rightfully ask themselves why should they need to integrate arcsin x if they want to become a physician?

Workshop Title: Numbers Count at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Dates: May 29-31, 2009

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Application Deadline: April 13, 2009

Project: Numbers Count! – data, tools, and curricular materials for use in the classroom to support student observation, experimentation and modeling


See the workshop homepage for more information and the BioQUEST Calendar for other events.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute

National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

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