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Computational Modeling and Simulation Tools

EcoBeaker is an ecology teaching program with 20+ laboratories that have students perform experiments where they observe or discover important biological concepts while learning how to collect and analyze data. Students watch creatures that eat, reproduce, move around, die, and do all the other things that creatures normally do, while graphs, statistics, and a variety of common sampling techniques let students get more quantitative.

Biota, Biota Review
Biota is a simulation tool for studying the processes which influence the sizes of plant and animal populations. The simulation consists of a set of mathematical equations that model various population interactions, and a set of generic tools that allow the user to define both the organisms that will interact in a simulation and the geographical area in which those species will interact.

Environmental Decision Making (EDM), EDM review
EDM is a simulation tool used for studying the management of aquatic populations by allowing students to build pond models and evaluate different management strategies.



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