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Introduction to the Chimpanzee Conservation Problem Space

This problem space will allow you to actively learn about chimpanzee conservation. The way it works:

Importance of Chimpanzee Conservation

Chimpanzees are an excellent species to study in order to understand the relationships and issues concerning species conservation in general. As such, we call chimps a "model species" since studying them enables us to better understand other factors of conservation.

Ultimately our livelihood, quality of life and future depend on how intelligently we manage our limited natural resources. The genes, species, ecosystems and human knowledge which are being lost represent a living library of options available for adapting to local and global change. Conservation is key to saving this library as it ensures the continuance of viable populations and the maintenance of biodiversity.

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variety of all life forms, their genes, and the ecosystems they make up. Biodiversity is essential to the maintenance of life as it protects species against disease, climate change, fire, drought, and it preserves the basic resources used by many industries. Biodiversity is part of our daily lives and livelihood and constitutes the resources upon which families, communities, nations and future generations depend. Threats to biodiversity include land clearing, disrupting water flows, overexploitation, salinity, climate change, introduced species, genetically modified organisms, and pollution.

Biodiversity not only provides direct benefits like food, medicine, and energy; it also affords us a "life support system." Biodiversity is required for the recycling of essential elements, such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. It is also responsible for mitigating pollution, protecting watersheds, and combating soil erosion. Because biodiversity acts as a buffer against excessive variations in weather and climate, it protects us from catastrophic events beyond human control. Furthermore, biodiversity is important to the global economy, it is essential for ensuring food security, it safegaurds human health, and it provides recreational activities.

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