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Spatial/Geographical Dynamics Relationships

United Nations Environmental Programme-Internet Mapping Server (UNEP-IMS)
This tool allows users to view factors affecting environments worldwide. Users may perform zooms, pan to a particular area, add different layers of general data including cities, national parks, etc. Different backgrounds can be chosen to highlight different components reflecting vulnerability, such as population density, Human Development Index (HDI) or the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This tool was designed to visual the data of natural disasters, and so layers of natural disasters can be added including earthquakes, fires, floods, cyclones and tsunamis.

Africa Continent Maps
This website has a relief map, a vegetation map, and a human population map of Africa.

African Countries Maps
This website gives detailed descriptions and relief maps of specific African countries.

GIS information
This website is a guide to GIS and remote sensing resources on the internet.

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