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Biological/Genetic Diversity Tools

Primate Preserved at Coriell
A database of microsatellite markers has been compiled from an extensive review of the literature for investigators interested in characterizing various primate species. The data may be searched by species, by marker name, or from a publication list.

Chimp Genome Project
Baylor College of Medicine is working on sequencing the chimp genome. Information on why the chimp genome should be sequenced as well as how scientists will begin sequencing is given. As researchers make discoveries, the information will be posted on this website and the data may be used freely.

Biology WorkBench
The Biology WorkBench is a web-based tool for biologists. The WorkBench allows biologists to search many popular protein and nucleic acid sequence databases. Database searching is integrated with access to a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools, all within a point and click interface that eliminates file format compatibility problems.

Biology Workbench for Students
Biology Workbench for Students is a simplified interface of the Biology Workbench for interactive teaching and learning. It features a small number of commonly used tools and databases along with helping tips and explanations of the tools so that students can make more sense out of the experience with the software.

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