This project was prepared as part of a BioQUEST faculty development workshop entitled BioQUEST 2004 Summer Workshop for Undergraduate Faculty: Systems Biology at Beloit College in June 2004. The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium is committed to the reform of undergraduate biology instruction through an emphasis on engaging students in realistic scientific practices. This approach is sometimes characterized as an inquiry driven approach and is captured in BioQUEST's three P's (problem-posing, problem-solving, and peer-persuasion). As part of this workshop groups of faculty were encouraged to initiate innovative curricular projects. We are sharing these works in progress in the hope that they will stimulate further exploration, collaboration and development. Please see the following links for additional information:

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Using Microarray Technology to Explore Problems in Systems Biology.
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Brian Davis

J. Douglas Welsh
Princeton UNiversity


Possible Audiences:

undergraduates and graduates in biology or bioinformatics, educators in HS and undergraduate institutions and home schoolers  


Brief Overview:

Questions to ask: What are the differences at the molecular level between cancer cells and normal cells? What are the differences in gene expression between cancer cells and normal cells? Can you guess at the functions of genes and cellular processes that might differ between cancer cells and normal cells? Are there any differences at the molecular level between different cancer cells?  


Project Materials:

1) Cluster and TreeView software, manual and test data file 2) Original paper that describes Cluster and TreeView 3) Microarray data file from National Cancer Institute 4) GeneMAPP and MAPPFinder  


Resources and References:

DNA Microarray Methodology - Animation

GenMAPP and MAPPFinder

Microarray Data Sources - NCI

Microarray Data Sources - Pittsburgh

Download Cluster and TreeView Software

Magic Microarray Genome Imaging and Clustering Website




- MicroarrayTechnology.ppt
- Cancer.ppt
- ExperimentalDesign.ppt
- AnExample.ppt
- Overview.ppt
- Eisen_1998.pdf
- Orig_yeast_data.txt
- Cluster_Instructions.txt
- Cluster.ppt