This project was prepared as part of a BioQUEST faculty development workshop entitled Annual BioQUEST Faculty Summer Workshop
Global Health in Undergraduate Education
at Beloit College in June 2010. The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium is committed to the reform of undergraduate biology instruction through an emphasis on engaging students in realistic scientific practices. This approach is sometimes characterized as an inquiry driven approach and is captured in BioQUEST's three P's (problem-posing, problem-solving, and peer-persuasion). As part of this workshop groups of faculty were encouraged to initiate innovative curricular projects. We are sharing these works in progress in the hope that they will stimulate further exploration, collaboration and development. Please see the following links for additional information:

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Health vs. Wealth: A Gapminder Exploration Out of Mountains of Data, What Are the Questions?
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Possible Audiences:

Freshman seminars & 1st year experiences Interdisciplinary courses on global health Project-based learning with authentic data sets  


Brief Overview:

Focus theme: Global health. Web tools: Use of Gapminder and Google Gadget 1- Motion Chart to examine regional/state/province data to make finer level inquiries contributing to national trends. Content: Examination of improvements in health & economic development in India at the state level.  


Project Materials:

1. PowerPoint presentations 2. Excel spreadsheets of formatted data from National Family Health Surveys, India 1992-2006 3. Web links to key data resources 4. PDF's of key literature  


Future Directions:

Family planning & population growth Exploration of Indian Human Development Surveys & UN databases Examination of Millennium Development Goals [MDG’s]