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Workshop Announcement

Biology Education:
Linking Undergraduate Disciplines
April 7, 2006

Suffolk County Community College,
Ammerman Campus

ESTEEM analogy

This one-day course is part of the professional development activities for both math and biology faculty made possible by the NSF grant "Developing a Mathematics Curriculum to Serve the Biosciences: The First Step" (Award #0442160) There are currently many calls nationally to increase the interface between biology and mathematics education, and this project serves as an innovative and valuable model for many other institutions to answer this challenge. It is also part of a broader effort at the Suffolk County Community College and SUNY Farmingdale to create a new mathematics curriculum that supports the biological sciences. Simultaneously, the project provides the biology department the ability to increase the level of mathematics used in its courses.

The new curriculum being developed (1) provides a solid connection between the mathematics and its use in biology in the students' minds; (2) provides a strong mathematical foundation for the students in terms of subsequent quantitative developments in biology courses; (3) prepares students for the quantitative demands of today's jobs; and (4) provides the biology departments with the ability to expand the level of quantitative emphasis in courses.

Sponsored by grants from the National Science Foundation (DUE/CCLI-ND and DUE/EHR),

and the

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium