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The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, Inc. is a transformative, collaborative community empowering Life Science educators to drive innovation in STEM education in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

    • BioQUEST has a 35 year history of educational innovation emphasizing effective uses of inquiry, technology, and participatory models of curriculum development.

Recommended reading: Communities of Transformation and Their Work Scaling for STEM Reform, Adrianna Kezar and Sean Gerhke, 2015

More about BQCC history
Recommended reading: “Crossing the Chasm” of Curricular Reform: BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium Invites CAL-laboration CAL-laborate Volume 4 June 2000.

    • We are involved in a wide range of projects and collaborations with diverse partnerships and audiences.

More information about BQCC Projects
Featured Projects: QUBESNumb3r5 Count, SCALE-IT, NIE SummerWorkshops, and others.

    • Our efforts in science education build on our commitment to engaging learners in a full spectrum of biological inquiry from problem posing, to problem solving and peer persuasion.

More information about the 3-P’s approach
Recommended reading: Peterson, N. and J. R. Jungck. March-April, 1988. Problem-Posing, Problem-Solving, and Persuasion in Biology Academic Computing, 2(6): 14-17 and 48-50.

    • Many of our projects involve coordinating faculty development workshops that focus on strategies for bringing realistic scientific experiences into their classrooms and collaboratively developing curriculum projects.
    • We support a core BioQUEST Staff who manage the day to day operation of the larger consortium.

More information about the staff

    • One way to learn more about BioQUEST is to look at  the following publications.

More information about publications
Featured publication: Donovan, Sam. September 2008. Big Data: Teaching Must Evolve to Keep Up with Advances. Correspondence. NATURE. Vol 455:25

We encourage you to get involved with the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium.

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If you are interested in bringing in some external science education or faculty development expertise, drop us a line.  We consult on workshop planning, introducing technology for curricular development, and proposal writing with departments and organizations.  We work on projects of all sizes.