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TB Lab is a simulated microbiology laboratory that allows users to explore how the bacteria responsible for the disease tuberculosis develop resistance to antibiotics. Students perform simulated experiments on strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to investigate how antibiotics affect bacteria and how bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. The simulation is designed to help students understand the direct connection between genetic and structural differences, particularly as they potentially lead to a survival advantage in the face of a selective pressure.

Facilities allow growth and antibiotic sensitivity experiments, biochemical assays to examine how antibiotics affect the bacteriaís metabolism, and DNA sequencing experiments that allow students to look for genetic differences between strains of bacteria, and mutation experiments to observe the development and effects of spontaneous mutations.

Students can produce three different kinds of data to support their investigations. They can grow bacteria with antibiotics, run chemical tests to discover how antibiotics affect cellular processes of bacteria, and compare certain DNA sequences of bacteria.