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Microbial Genetics Construction Kit (μGCK)

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A µGCK problem starts with a field collection of bacteria, either in a test tube or plated onto a petri plate. Each of the gray circles on the plate represents one colony. These colonies result from bacteria collected from the field. The colonies are of unknown genotype and phenotype, although all bacteria within a colony share a genotype and phenotype.

µGCK includes several tools to help organize and analyze the data that are collected during an experiment. The Media Matrix window displays the media used by all current plates and tubes; phenotype worksheets record the phenotypes of colonies; complementation worksheets record the complementation behavior of a plate's colonies.

µGCK comes with several predefined problems designed to present a different aspect of microbial genetics or to illustrate a particular problem. In addition, using the problem editing utility, it is possible to customize a problem to meet your specific needs.