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Genetics Construction Kit

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Genetics Construction Kit is a simulation of a classic Mendelian genetics laboratory. It provides students with a set of organisms with unknown patterns of inheritance, and gives them the tools to design and perform a series of experiments to discover these inheritance patterns.

Students will be able to cross the unknown organisms and analyze their crosses in ways much like those used by practicing scientists.

GCK provides several tools for analyzing and organizing data:

  • Vial Summary Chart summarizes the contents of a vial or set of vials
  • Cross Matrix records the crosses made so far and indexes the vials generated by these crosses
  • Chi Squared Worksheet allows students to test whether observed numbers differ significantly from the ratio expected under a given hypothesis.
GCK comes with several predefined problems designed to present a different aspect of genetics or to illustrate a particular problem. In addition, by using the problem editing utility, it is possible to customize a problem to meet your specific needs.