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The Visual Datasets text module discusses the concept of visual learning and presents some suggestions for ways to design learning environments that support students in developing visual literacy skills. Three visual datasets that can be used for problem solving activities in evolution, classification, development, and botany are included:

A dataset of imaginary animals that can be used as the basis for a variety of problem-posing and problem-solving activities in evolution, classification, development, and others.
Originally generated by J. H. Camin and described by Robert Sokal in an article in the 1983 Journal of Systematic Zoology, 32 (2) 161-163.

A dataset of imaginary plants that can also be used for problem-posing and problem solving activities in evolution and classification.
Warren H. Wagner (The University of Michigan)

Oh Phlox!
Close-up images of late season garden phlox plants and selected leaves with leaf miner damage provide opportunities for visual learning practice for the field and for exploration with the use of NIH Image or other graphics packages in biological investigations.
Ethel Stanley (Beloit College and Illinois State University)