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Spice Invaders
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Steven Brewer
University of Massachusetts

Linda Weinland
Edison College

Paul Mangum
Midland College

Mary Puterbaugh Mulcahy
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Tammy Tintjer
Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College


Possible Audiences:



Brief Overview:

A case introduces two models that students can use to explore invasive plant species in their community.  


Project Materials:

A case, a worksheet to lead students through constructing a Lefkovitch model, and a netlogo model: Invasive Plants and Disturbance  



- spreadsheet_model.doc
- invasive_plant_model.ods
- invasive_plant_model.xls
- Case_worksheet_garlic_mustard.doc
- FieldDataCollection.doc
- garlic_mustard_case.doc
- Invasive_Plant_Biological_Worksheet.doc
- Spice_Invaders13.ppt