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The Molecular Genetics Explorer: a simulation that unifies Genetics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology
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Brian White
University of Massachusetts


Possible Audiences:

High School
Introductory/Intermediate College  


Brief Overview:

The MGE is a simulation of flower color in a hypothetical plant that can be examined using the three major tools of modern molecular genetics.

  • Genetics: Flowers can be crossed to determine the inheritance of color. They can also be mutated to explore the range of possible color alleles.
  • Biochemistry: The structures of the pigment proteins in the flowers can be examined and modified to explore the relationship between amino acid sequence and color.
  • Molecular Biology: The genes encoding pigment proteins can be examined to explore allelic differences as well as modified to explore the relationship between DNA sequence and color.
A lab manual with sample exercises is included.  


Project Materials:

All materials (downloadable software and lab manuals) are available from this link.  


Future Directions:

Further development with the user community.