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Setting the apparatus during a
Workshop Physics session on June 12th.

The 2005 BioQUEST Summer Workshop, “Investigating Interdisciplinary Interactions”, will address how we can close the gap between the practice of biological research and the teaching of biology. The goal of this 10 day workshop will be to bring together those involved in curriculum reform in physics, math, chemistry and biology to explore interdisciplinarity of the sciences and to develop curricular materials in a collaborative setting. We are looking for interdisciplinary teams of 2-3 individuals from the same institution to apply.  Bring your math and science colleagues!

Learn more about this year's keynote speaker and the curriculum reform pioneers who will be leading the workshop.
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This year's curriculum development workshop will bring together four initiatives that have provided leadership in education reform: Workshop Physics, Workshop Mathematics, ChemLinks, and BioQUEST. Each of these initiatives has been in the forefront of curriculum reform in its own discipline, basing its work on solid educational research about teaching and learning. Each has well-honed research philosophies that empower students to construct their own meaning and engage directly in the business of their own education. These programs distinguish themselves by utilizing a pedagogy that enables students to draw on science to test and evaluate ideas. The workshop represents an interdisciplinary conversation about challenges in STEM reform. Participants have the opportunity to compare these curricular materials, technologies and pedagogical approaches as they construct new curricular materials addressing the NRC Bio2010 challenges.
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For more information, please contact
Sue Risseeuw
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Our goal is to recruit interdisciplinary teams of 2-3 individuals from a single institution. We would like at least one member of the team to have taught with one of the four curriculum reform projects that are featured at this year's workshop--Workshop Physics, Workshop Mathematics, ChemLinks and BioQUEST. This team approach is based on our experience that reform in one area of an institution can often serve as a strong catalyst for effecting broader institutional reform. In addition to institutional change, we hope that by introducing our partners to others involved in college and university science and mathematics curricular reform, we can begin to build interdisciplinary bridges based on a common vision of innovative pedagogy.

We hope that these ten days of sharing, borrowing, transferring and translating ideas will encourage meaningful cross-discipinary connections. Certainly the mix of presenters and participants should provide ample opportunities for the first step towards fruitful and lasting collaborations.

Sponsored by a grant from EPIC ( Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure) the National Science Foundation (DUE/CCLI-ND)

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