BioQUEST Notes 3.1

BioQUEST Receives EDUCOM Award for Distinguished Curriculum Innovation

The EDUCOM "Distinguished Natural Sciences Curriculum Innovation (Biology)" award for 1992 was presented to BioQUEST at the October EDUCOM conference in Baltimore.

The purpose of the EDUCOM awards is to identify outstanding educational software and outstanding teaching innovations that use computers, to acknowledge and reward designers, and to develop and publish criteria for effective design and use. The program has two divisions. The Product division is for original software, and the Curriculum Innovation division provides awards for the innovative uses of new or existing software to solve important instructional problems.

Products and innovations are judged by a national panel of distinguished faculty, who found that only eleven of this years over one hundred entries met the program's criteria for excellence. The 'Distinguished' award, received by BioQUEST, is given to entries showing outstanding uses of technology that enhance student learning at the college level. Winning projects receive a plaque as well as a modest monetary award.

EDUCOM is a non-profit consortium of some 600 colleges and universities, with some 100 corporate associates. Founded in 1964, EDUCOM provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on critical issues related to computing in higher education. EDUCOM's focus for the 90s is to promote the creation of an information infrastructure for the 21st century and to increase intellectual productivity in the academic world.

For more information about EDUCOM please contact:
Software and Curriculum Innovation Awards Program, Computer Science Center - Building 224, The University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742-2411..

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