BioQUEST Notes 2.2 Introduction

Welcome to BioQUEST

This section of Nautilus is a continuation of the presentation of Project BioQUEST from the previous issue. In that issue of Nautilus, we presented a paper, written at the onset of the Project that set out our philosophy of education. This issue of Nautilus contains a series of excerpts from the Project's newsletters that provide more up-to-date information on the Project.


Table of Contents for the Nautilus Files

BioQUEST Curriculum
The BioQUEST curriculum in the field test is composed of 12 modules. This file contains more information on the modules and their authors.

Joining In ...
BioQUEST is not a completed idea or a club with closed membership. We need your help and invite your participation.

BioQUEST Staff and Brief Bios of Participants
Lists the Advisors, Staff, and contributors to BioQUEST as of the 1990-91 Field Test release represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences with educational computing.

High School Uses of BioQUEST Materials
This article by Sue Johnson describes her experiences using Genetics Construction Kit with her high school class. A great example of the BioQUEST teaching philosophy in classroom action.


This section describes the testing that BioQUEST materials are undergoing and the plans to publish the BioQUEST Collection through Addison-Wesley.

Software Descriptions

Reviews Intro and Folder
This section has some descriptions and reviews of BioQUEST modules at various stages in their development and testing. It will provide you a greater sense of how the BioQUEST teaching philosophy has shaped the software.

Scholar's Notebook
Explorers of rich software environments need record keeping and decision making support. BioQUEST is developing on-line record keeping tools integral to the simulations.

In the Press

Some further readings about BioQUEST

Future Directions

BioQUEST is changing.

To subscribe the the BioQUEST newsletter, BioQUEST Notes, contact the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium offices by.


BioQUEST Notes Newsletter
        Biology Department
        Beloit College
        Beloit, WI 53511

BioQUEST stands for Quality Undergraduate Educational Simulations and Tools in Biology. It represents a major effort to collect an "anthology" of computer-based materials for teaching general undergraduate biology in a way that complements traditional "wet" and field laboratories. Project BioQUEST is developing an introductory two semester course in biology. However, BioQUEST materials are not limited to general college biology; they offer investigative learning from high school to graduate school.

The Project is funded by the Annenberg/CPB Project, Apple Computer Corporation, and the Foundation for Microbiology. Presently, BioQUEST materials are in a national field test at 50+ campuses.

BioQUEST materials include: a student/faculty text and simulations and other research tools for studying biologic systems using the Macintosh computer. Project sponsors, members and the publisher believe that a critical mass of software (with a similar interface and instructional philosophy), available from a single publisher, is needed before teachers can easily adopt it and change the way they use computers to teach biology.

Some of the programs that are included in Project BioQUEST are simulations of biologic systems. Some have already been developed and tested on other computers. Additional software, both general tools (like word processors) and biology research tools (like MacClade) will be employed in the BioQUEST Collection. Addision-Wesley Electronic Publishing is negotiating to publish the student text, HyperCardª stacks, and software developed by the Project.

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