BioQUEST Notes 2.2 Part 3

People Involved

BioQUEST is a national consortium of educators and software developers who share a common educational philosophy for the uses of computers for teaching biology.

Over the past three years, a large number of people have contributed ideas to Project BioQUEST. The Annenberg/CPB Project funding provided for a Board of Advisors to BioQUEST.

The Board from 1988 through 1990 was is composed of a Board of Advisors and a Project Staff. These participants represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences with educational computing.

BioQUEST Advisors

Angelo Collins, Advisory Board Chairwoman, Stanford University. Background as high school and college biology teacher, as a genetic counselor, as a researcher on expert problem solving in genetics by using GCK, as the rule generator for MENDEL, as a laison for a state-wide genetics education program, and as a teacher of teachers in biology education. She is currently involved in a national evaluation of science education.

William Finzer, Independent Consultant. Independent consultant and developer of materials for teaching mathematics and statistics without fear. Co-author of a review of educational software for use in California high schools and of SmallTalk software Programming by Rehearsal, an early "Construction Kit" for educational design. Co-recipient of grants for development of educational software.

Peter Heywood, Brown University. Professor in Biology and Medicine, cell biologist, morphological analyst, developer of a biology course using Brown's InterMedia hypertext. Participant in the Continents of Knowledge project.

Richard C. Lewontin, Aggassiz Professor of Zoology, Harvard University. Author of The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change, co-author of An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, and numerous articles, monographs, and popular books.

Elisabeth Odum, Santa Fe Community College. Co-author of Microcomputer Simulation Models for Introducing Principles of Ecological and Economic Systems and has experience teaching undergraduate students in a community college setting, and directing workshops for high school biology teachers.

Daniel Udovic, University of Oregon. Population Biologist, Chairman Curriculum Committee and team teacher in the non-majors biology course enrolling 250 students. Research interests in Population Dynamics. Currently pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science. Co-principle Investigator on the Physiology Laboratory Construction Kit with an intelligent tutoring capacity.

BioQUEST Staff

John R. Jungck, Principle Investigator. Chairperson of the Biology Department at Beloit College. Currently editor of Midwest Bioscene, currently biology section editor for CONDUIT, and past editor of The American Biology Teacher. Formerly on the editorial board of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology and BioSystems. Co-author of Genetics Construction Kit and Microbial Genetics Construction Kit, educational simulations of transmission genetics for the Apple II and IBM PC, respectively.

Nils Peterson, Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oregon. Co-author of Isolated Heart Lab, Cardiovascular Systems and Dynamics, Pulmonary Mechanics Lab and Fault Identification Game. Co-principle investigator on the development of the Physiology Laboratory Construction Kit with an intelligent tutoring capability.

John Calley, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Beloit College, programmer and co-author of previous versions of Genetics Construction Kit.

Allen Place, Associate Staff Scientist, Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland. Active researcher in marine biotechnology. Co-author of Protein Sequencer's Apprentice, Dr. Sumner's Apprentice, and several papers relating to instruction in molecular biology.

Frank Price, Currently associate director of Academic Computing Center, Hamilton College, where he was formerly professor of Biology. Author of EVOLVE. Winner of national award for innovations in college science teaching.

James Stewart, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin. Eight years research into improving biology instruction at the high school and teacher eduction levels. Over two dozen research publications in student learning, problem-solving and the education of pre-service biology teachers. Recipient of grant support for studying student problem-solving in genetics problems (mostly generated by GCK) and for the development of MENDEL. Editorial Board member of Science Education, Journal of College Science Teaching, and Journal of Biological Education. Formerly the editor of the "Research Reviews" section of the American Biology Teacher.

William Wimsatt, Professor of Philosophy and Biology, University of Chicago. Author of Simulations in Population Biology and numerous articles on philosophy of biology, strategies of problem-solving, population biology, and evolution.

Patti Soderberg, Coordinator. Has an M.S. in Science Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After teaching biology in Minneapolis, she has been running workshops on clinical genetics and biotechnology for high school and college biology teachers.

Robin McC. Greenler, Coordinator. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Beloit College. Co-author of "Caring for Our Lakes-- A Middle School Curriculum on the Yahara Watershed." She received her M.S. in Water Resource Management studying Restoration Ecology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Robert Macey, Chair of the Physiology-Anatomy Department at University of Calif., Berkeley. Author of Human Physiology, Foundation of Biology, Biology of Man, and numerous articles, book chapters, and popular books. Author of AXON.

Howard T. Odum, University of Florida, department of Environ-mental Engineering Sciences. Author of Fundamentals of Ecology, and Environment, Power and Society as well as numerous technical and popular books, book chapters, monographs and articles. Co-author of BioQUEST's Environmental Decision Making.

Virginia Vaughan, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Synetics Corporation. Programmer for Isolated Heart Lab and EVOLVE.

Contributors recognized in the 1990-91 Field Test manual:

BioQUEST's Primary staff:

John R. Jungck,     :    PI Nils Peterson
Co-Director,     :    BioQUEST Co-Director, BioQUEST
& Chairperson, Department of Biology     :    CEO, From the Heart Software
Beloit College     :    1244 Walnut Suite H
Beloit, WI 53511     :    Eugene, OR 97403

John N. Calley, BioQUEST Project Leader     :    James H. Stewart, Professor
& Adj. Asst. Prof.     :    Science Education
Department of Mathematics     :    Department of Curriculum
and Computer Science     :    and Instruction
Beloit College     :    University of Wisconsin
Beloit, WI 53511     :    Madison, WI 53706

Robin Greenler, Co-Coordinator     :    Patti Soderberg, Co-Coordinator
BioQUEST Project     :    BioQUEST Project
Adj. Assistant Professor     :    Department of Curriculum
Department of Biology     :    and Instruction
Beloit College     :    University of Wisconsin - Madison
Beloit, WI 53511     :    Madison, WI 53706

Judith V. Stewart     :    Teresa Holevas
BioQUEST Editor     :    BioQUEST Secretary
& Project Assistant     :    & Division Secretary
Section of Internal Medicine     :    Science Division
Clinical Sciences Center     :    Beloit College
University Hospitals     :    700 College Street
Madison, WI 53792     :    Beloit, WI 53511

BioQUEST Project Leaders:

Scholar's Notebook,
BioQUEST Library,
Genetics Construction Kit,
Microbial Genetics Construction Kit,
The Genetics Counselor's Assistant
John N. Calley
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Beloit College, Beloit, WI 53511

Genetics Construction Kit, Isolated Heart Lab,
Microbial Genetics Construction Kit, Cardiovascular Construction Kit,
The Genetics Counselor's Assistant BioQUEST Introductory Stack

John R. Jungck, PI     :       :        :    Nils Peterson
Co-Director, BioQUEST     :       :    Co-Director, BioQUEST
& Chairperson, Department of Biology  :    CEO, From the Heart Software
Beloit College     :    1244 Walnut Suite H
Beloit, WI 53511     :    Eugene, OR 97403


Robert Macey, Chairperson     :    Frank Price, Assoc. Director
Department of Physiology     :    Academic Computing
Life Sciences Annex     :    Robert Evan Jones Computer Center
University of California, Berkeley     :    Hamilton College
Berkeley, CA 94720     :    Clinton, NY 13323

Environmental Decision Making

H. T. Odum     :    Elisabeth C. Odum
Center for Wetlands     :    Biology
University of Florida     :    Sante Fe Comminity College
Gainesville, FL     :    Gainesville, FL

SequenceIt!, PurifyIt!, RateIt!

Allen R. Place     :    Thomas Schmidt
Center for Marine Biotechnology     :    Center for Marine Biotechnology
University of Maryland     :    University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD 21202     :    Baltimore, MD 21202

Modelling Modelling

William C. Wimsatt, Professor     :    Jeff Schank, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Philosophy     :    Department of Philosophy
University of Chicago     :    University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637     :    Chicago, IL 60637

Biometrics     :    Biota

Dan Hornbach     :    William H. Sterner, Manager
Department of Biology     :    Academic and Public Computing
Macaelster College     :    University of Chicago
1600 Grand Avenue     :    1155 E. 60th Street
St. Paul, MN 55105     :    Chicago, IL 60637-2745

Cardiovascular Construction Kit

Sarah Douglas     :    Daniel Udovic
Department of Computer Science     :    Department of Biology
University of Oregon     :    University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403     :    Eugene, OR 97403

BioQUEST Co-Authors:

Isolated Heart Laboratory     :    Scholar's Notebook
BioQUEST     :    BioQUEST Independent
Programmer     :    Independent Programmer

Alex Curylo - AXON     :    David Hands - IHL
Dept. of Computer Science     :    Simon Fraser University
Salem, OR     :    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

John Kruper - Biota     :    Eric Nelson - Biota
Depts. of Philosophy and Biology     :    Academic and Public Computing
University of Chicago     :    University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637     :    1155 E. 60th Street
    :    Chicago, IL 60637-2745

Ben Jones - Biota     :    Jim Lichtenstein - Biota
Academic and Public Computing     :    Academic and Public Computing
University of Chicago     :    University of Chicago
1155 E. 60th Street     :    1155 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637-2745     :    Chicago, IL 60637-2745

Jim Danbury - Biota     :    Joyce Weil - Biota
Academic and Public Computing     :    Academic and Public Computing
University of Chicago     :    University of Chicago
1155 E. 60th Street     :    1155 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637-2745     :    Chicago, IL 60637-2745

William C. Wimsatt - Biota     :    Jeff Schank - Biota

Angelo Collins - GCK Manual     :    William Finzer - Scholar's
    :    Notebook

Other contributors and Programmers:

New Haven, CT     :    Eugene, OR

Lloyd Maxfield - IHL     :    Nathan Sato - AXON
Eugene, OR     :    Berkeley, CA

David Hanzel - AXON     :    Peder Jungck - µGCK
Berkeley, CA     :    Beloit, WI

BioQUEST Board:

BioQUEST Board     :    Abacus Concepts
& Director     :    1984 Bonita Avenue
Teacher Assessment Project     :    Berkeley, CA 94704
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-3804

Peter Heywood     :    Elisabeth C. Odum
Division of Biology and Medicine     :    Department of Biology
Brown University     :    Sante Fe Comminity College
Providence, RI 02912     :    Gainesville, FL 32602

Daniel Udovic     :    Scott Roberts
Department of Biology     :    Annenberg Project/CPB
University of Oregon     :    901 E Street NW

People who have participated as BioQUEST co-presentors
(in addition to staff above) at meetings

David Maddison     :    Wayne Maddison
Museum of Comparative Zoology     :    University of California, Berkeley     :     Harvard University
Berkeley, CA 94720     :     Cambridge, MA 02138


William "Rick" Light     :    Sue Johnson & Robert Hafner
Naval Research Laboratory     :    Dept. of     :    Curriculum & Instruction
Bethesda, MD     :    UW Madison,

Richard Wilson, President     :    Robert Wallace
Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers     :    Department of Biology
& Chairperson,     :    Department of Biology Ripon College
Rockhurst College     :    Ripon, WI
Kansas City, MO 64110

and Peder Jungck, Stephen Everse, Chia-Suei Hung, Trudy Hartman, Kathleen Fisher, Doug Green, David Waller, Kathy Greene, Rama Viswanathan

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