BioQUEST Notes 2.2 Part 2

Joining In ...

BioQUEST is not a completed idea or a club with closed membership. We need your help and invite your participation. Unfortunately, our grant funding is finite and already committed, but we are open to exploring ways new people can contribute ideas, classroom experiences, and software to the project.

Among those ways of participating have been opportunities to:

1. subscribe to the BioQUEST newsletter

2. attend workshops and presentations at conferences

3. participate in the BioQUEST National 1990-91 Field Test

To contact the Project please write:

Project BioQUEST
% Biology Department
Beloit College
Beloit, WI 53511

We are willing to discuss a collaboration with you to find funding for your project. BioQUEST members will attend a number of scientific conferences to present our work and would be happy to meet with you at those events. Contact the Project for information on meetings that BioQUEST staff will attend.

Sharing Tools The BioQUEST software is being developed in MPW Modula-2. This includes a toolkit that implements the BioQUEST interface. We plan to make the toolkit available if you would like to use it in your development efforts. Please contact the Project for details on the status of the tools.

CDROM Publishing

Since the above information was written in a BioQUEST Notes newsletter the Project has begun considering publishing the BioQUEST Collection on CD ROM. This offers the BioQUEST Collection the opportunity to grow and add new materials without changing the media cost to the publisher.

Three levels of materials are envisioned in the Collection.

Level 1: Initial, unreviewed submissions.

Level 2: Reviewed/revised adjunct modules that implement some of the 3P's philosophy (see article in last issue of Nautilus).

Level 3: 'Fully BioQUEST' modules that implement all three of the 3P's.

Contact the Project for more information on the progress of CD ROM publication of the BioQUEST Collection.

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