BioQUEST Notes 2.2 Part 1


The BioQUEST curriculum in the field test is composed of 13 modules. This file lists the modules and their authors.

Each module employs a piece of computer software. Some computer programs are custom simulations, such as Genetics Construction Kit in Module 1; some are research tools, such as Extendª in Module 13; and some are generic tools, such as the word processor in Module 2. Each module has a chapter in the BioQUEST book to introduce the task or problem domain and demonstrate applications of techniques to solving problems in that domain.

Four HyperCardª stacks: Genetics, Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Physiology, and Ecology/ Evolution are ultimately planned to unite the modules.

More information is available on these modules in the Descriptions/Reviews folder.

1. Problem-Posing, Problem-Solving and Persuasion in Biological Investigation: An Introduction to BioQUEST

Jim Stewart, John Jungck

2. Genetics Construction Kit

John Calley, Angelo Collins, John Jungck

3. Biometrics

Daniel J. Hornbach


Frank E. Price

5. Why Use Models in Biology?

William C. Wimsatt, Jeffrey Schank

6. Isolated Heart Laboratory

Nils Peterson

7. MacAXON

Robert Macey

8. Sequence It!

Allen R. Place, Tom Schmidt

9. Rate It!

Allen R. Place, Tom Schmidt

10. Purify It!

Allen R. Place, Tom Schmidt

11. Microbial Genetics Construction Kit

John Calley, John Jungck

12. Biota

Jim Danbury, Ben Jones, John Kruper, Jim Lichtenstein, Eric Nelson, Bill Sterner, Joyce Weil, William Wimsatt

13. Environmental Decision-Making

H.T. Odum, Elisabeth C. Odum

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