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Spring 2001 Edition
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Toxic to mosquitoes, this protein is found in Bacillus thuringienesis. It is closely related to the endotoxins produced in Bt-corn.


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Local News

Improved Bass Fishing

Hantavirus Survivors

Hanta patients return to the UNM Hospital to share the aftermath of this life-threatening disease.


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European-Based Aventis Under Public Scrutiny 

Safety of genetically modified StarLink corn found in grocery store products is questioned.

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Corn Blight Update:

Is Wild Corn the Answer?

Teosinte may provide genes for resistance to current corn blight. 


  Several long nosed gar were found among the fish washed up on shore.

River City Fish Kill

Summer storm is a likely culprit in latest fish kill. County investigators plan to look into pesticide and fertilizer use at Lakeside Golf Course. 

Wanted: Biospherians for a Day

Biosphere 2 opens doors to visitors...

Funded by the National Science Foundation Grant No. DUE-9952525

Margaret Waterman
Southeast Missouri State

Ethel Stanley
Beloit College