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Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) delta-endotoxin CytB

The backbone of interconnected amino acids is represented as a ribbon, with the shading varying according to structure. Dark pink indicates areas of alpha-helix and gold indicates areas of beta-sheet. This protein is toxic to mosquitoes and similar to the Bt endotoxins found in Bt-corn. (PDB: 1CBY)


strategies for lifelong problem solving

Local News

Survivors Revisit Hantavirus

In a five-year program to study the long-term effects of Hantavirus, survivors come to the University of New Mexico Hospital to share the aftermath of this life-threatening disease.


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European-Based Aventis Under Public Scrutiny

Safety of genetically modified StarLink corn found in grocery store products is questioned.

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Corn Blight Update:

Is Wild Corn the Answer?

Teosinte, corn's wild relative, may provide the genes for resistance to current blight.


  • Flooding Threatens Historic Lincoln Site
  • Packers' Brett Favre Fourth Quarter Magic

Mild Winter Worries Farmers

Corn losses expected with early European corn borer damage found in local fields


Wanted:  Biospherians for a Day

Biosphere 2 opens doors to visitors...


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Beloit College

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