FISH KILL: Wide Variety of Species Affected

"Recent summer storms are definitely a factor in the latest River City fish kill. Heavy rains often wash chemicals into the the lake causing algal blooms," explained Phil Roberts, head of the local fish hatchery. "Under low-light conditions these large populations of algae can consume more oxygen than they produce and we've had cloudy skies for nearly a week," he added. "Game fish like largemouth bass, crappies, and even bluegill can't tolerate the reduced oxygen in the lake."

This fish kill included bass, bluegill, crappies, gizzard shad, longnose gar and catfish. "Local fishing sure has been in a decline," observed long time resident Sal Ogdens, age 82. "It's all this new development."

County investigations into pesticide and fertilizer use are planned. The new Lakeside Golf Course will be undergoing an on-site inspection this week. The manager was not available for comments.


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