Example of Case Related Assignment

Janet Yagoda Shagam


A Personal Souvenir: The Interview

A personal interview is a very satisfying way to learn about infectious disease. In Souvenirs we were able to get information not available in books–the impact of disease on the people and on the community–by interviewing patients and caregivers. Your goal for this assignment will be to learn something that is "up close and personal" about an infectious disease. You need to include descriptive, laboratory as well as mode of transmission/portal of entry information about an infectious disease of your choice. The final project, probably 2-3 pages in length, must be typed. You may work by yourself or in a group of up to 3 people. With time permitting, you can choose to give a brief oral presentation to the class. The presentation will not be graded but will allow the rest of us to learn from your experience.

Choose your topic and have it approved by the instructor. Mostly for my benefit so I don’t have to read 17 reports on HIV and 30 on TB. These diseases are fine but also consider influenza, polio, rabies, tularemia, hepatitis, food poisoning, rheumatic heart, Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, chlamydia and you get the idea- yes!

Project Requirements:


Assessment Strategy:

Grading: 50 points
Evaluation Rubric:
Does it meet the above requirements?: 5 points
Writing quality: 10 points
Lab tests: 10 points
Interview: 10 points
Summary analysis: 15 point

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