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Selected Resources for Zea’s Wild Roots


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Web Sites (as of October 1999)

Southern Corn Leaf Blight Symptoms on Corn     http://plantpathology.tamu.edu/Texlab/Grains/Corn/corntop.html

The First Genetically Engineered Plant http://www.gene.com/ae/AB/WYW/fink/fink_2.html

New evidence for corn's ancestry      http://www.dukenews.duke.edu/research/corn.html

Nature of Corn - a good place to begin    www.ilcorn.org/reports/natofcorn/index.html

A search engine for the Corn Growers Guidebook.    http://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/cgg2/search.shtml

Choose "diseases & nematodes" in the pull down menu

Diseases management by crop     www.crop-net.com/disease.html#crop

Extensive index of articles about various plant diseases     www.ipm.iastate.edu/imp/icm/indices/plantdiseases.html

National Corn Handbook (check out nos. 4 and 10)     www.agcom.purdue.edu/AgCom/Pubs/agronomy.htm#4

The Maize Page: many linked resources     www.ag.iastate.edu/departments/agronomy/cornpage.html

How Corn Grows (this is a huge file)     www.ag.iastate.edu/departments/agronomy/corngrows.html#corngrows

Oxfam America www.oxfamamerica.org

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