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Note: These case modules are currently undergoing field testing and are not yet in final publication form.

LifeLines OnLine Summer 2002 Workshop

Molecular Biology
& Evolution
Snake Bite! Identification, herpetology, venom phylogenetics Jill Bassham
North Central Missouri College

Viviene Santos
Goias State University, Brazil
Anatomy & Physiology Multiple Births -- Multiple Problems Reproduction and neonatal care Mahmoud Bishr
Labette Community College
Anatomy & Physiology Racing Rosie Exercise physiology Beth Erviti
Greenfield Community College
Reproduction & Genetics Trouble in Tucson: On the Horns of a Dilemma Sickle cell anemia, genetic counseling Julia Fiello & Jackie Smith
Pima Community College
Ecology & Environmental Dam It! I'm in Swampeast Missouri! Land use and wetlands Michelle Fisher
Three Rivers Community College
Microbiology And what's hiding in YOUR sponge? Nutrient requirements of microbes Julie Harless
Montgomery College
Ecology & Environmental

Cellular Chemistry
Holy Starbucks Batman! Caffeine and water quality Stacey Kiser
Lane Community College
Cellular Chemistry

Anatomy & Physiology

Reproduction & Genetics
The Salty Brow Cystic fibrosis and sodium channels in the cell membrane Katie Morrison-Graham
Lane Community College
Anatomy & Physiology

Reproduction & Genetics
What's Wrong With Amadi? Sickle cell anemia and physiology Joe Russin
Lane Community College
Ecology & Environmental Home, Home on the River Land use and wetlands Sara Simmers
Bismarck State College

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