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Witness for the Whales
Witness for the Whales is a service for the identification of cetaceans (whales and related species) using DNA sequences.

Biology WorkBench
Biology WorkBench is a web-based resource for analyzing and visualizing molecular data. Database searching and access to a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools are integrated within one interface. Need to create an account.



West Nile Virus sequence data
Download txt file here.
These partial nucleic acid sequences code for a glycoprotein found in the West Nile virus. Each strain is identified by the country and year it was isolated.


Case Resources

Calculate Your Ecological Footprint
This is a very basic questionnaire to calculate a quick and relatively accurate Ecological Footprint for an individual living in the US.

Salmon Challenge!
Salmon Challenge is a game to help you see how your decisions help or harm our environment and our salmon.

Engineer a Crop
Compare the traditional method of selective breeding with one of the latest transgenic methods.

Auntiebody uses the IMMEX software to present a patient case history to students who search for, and interpret, a variety of medical tests and results to achieve a diagnosis. Need to create an account.

Using the LateBlight Simulation
Using Late Blight is a web resource for faculty wishing to see how a simulation could be used with investigative case-based learning. One of the best ways to think about using cases in your classroom is by looking at the use of cases by other instructors.

Investigate Biosphere 2 by Modeling and Designing Experiments
Run simulations of the Biosphere 2 model to explore what went wrong. Investigate new strategies for maintaining life support levels.

Bones and the Badge
Become part of a team of forensic investigators. You will collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene. You must use logical thought processes and scientific inquiry skills as you trace the steps of the crime and determine whether or not the science accurately explains the crime.

This site was created to teach the biology of cancer. No assumptions have been made about prior knowledge of biology or cancer. The target audience for the site includes cancer patients, their families and friends, medical workers and those interested in the subject.


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Projects Submitted by Workshop Participants

    1. The Hike
    2. Signed with a Kiss
    3. Tracking the West Nile Virus
    4. Kujira?
    5. Metal Mania
    6. The Sky is Falling
    7. A Friday in September
    8. The Prom, the Party, the Problem
    9. How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?
    10. Water Works
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