BioQUEST Faculty Development Workshop 2000


Donna Alder, Roberts Wesleyan College

Paul Holeski, Rio Grande College

 Case Study
Cyclists in Trouble...



Rebecca and Joel are healthy young adults who undertake an extended bicycle trip for which they did not adequately plan. Although the cyclists were in great shape when they began the trip, the number of miles they now ride in a day is decreasing as muscle soreness and fatigue is slowing them down. Both are eating protein-rich, high-calorie snacks when they can fit them in and sometimes fast food. Both have lost weight, complain of increased thirst and frequent urination. They even notice their own breath odor.


What is happening to the cyclists?

Getting Started 

Pre-class assignment:

Text assignment and quiz outside class.
Thinkwell’s Biology I by George Wolfe

Introduction of biological chemistry

Focus on carbohydrates, proteins, lipids

Structure Importance Subunits

Organic Chemistry in Introductory Biology

1. List the terms and phrases, which seem necessary for understanding this case.

2. Discuss with your group the issues involved in answering the following questions:

a. What is a low carbohydrate diet?

b. What are fats, which could change in the body?

c. What is a calorie and where does it come from?

d. Why did Rebecca and Joel experience increased thirst, urination and change in breath odor?

e. What caused the weight loss during the last of the trip and the extended recovery time?

 What do we know?

 What do we need to know?








Problem Solving 


3. Between now and next week, record your intake of food for two 24 hour periods on the West Diet Analysis program. Next week we will collect information on carbohydrates, fats and proteins ingested by students in our class.

4. Use the following web sites and use the sources on reserve at the library to help in the project outlined in step 5.

World Hunger Fund


Current Diet

5. Design a comparative study of carbohydrate, protein, and lipid consumption practices in the US Vs other countries, in the US now Vs at an earlier time period, etc. You will be responsible for preparing and presenting a poster on this study at a designated time.


World Hunger Fund


Current Diet


Case Study discussion

Diet record


Assessment and Evaluation 

Pre unit quiz
Preliminary work from discussion groups
Poster assignment with peer review


Develop skills in searching for and analyzing data
Develop group analysis skills

Post unit quiz