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Projects Submitted by Workshop Participants

    1. Terminator Genes in Seeds
    2. Spicy Clinical Trial
    3. X Files
    4. Are you prepared?
    5. surprises in the tube
    6. Respiratory Assessment
    7. Low Calcium Tetany
    8. When Harry met Sally
    9. Hair Today...
    10. Fad Diets and Metabolic Regulation
    11. The Couple's Cholesterol
    12. new

Case Resources

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Whippo Problem Space

West Nile Virus Problem Space

Microbes Count!



Witness for the Whales
Witness for the Whales is a service for the identification of cetaceans (whales and related species) using DNA sequences.

Biology WorkBench
Biology WorkBench is a web-based resource for analyzing and visualizing molecular data. Database searching and access to a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools are integrated within one interface. Need to create an account.

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