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Note: The majority of these case modules are currently undergoing field testing and are not yet in final publication form.

Molecular Biology and Evolution Cases

Molecular Biology
& Evolution
Snake Bite! Identification, herpetology, venom phylogenetics Jill Bassham
North Central Missouri College

Viviene Santos
Goias State University, Brazil

Molecular Biology/Evolution Got Milk? A Case on rBGH Labeling Roy Mosher, University of Illinois at Springfield
Mark Albrecht, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Mary Savage, Edgewood College, Madison, WI

Molecular Biology/Evolution Anatomy
& Physiology

A Multi-Dimensional Study of HIV HIV and AIDS from biological/medical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives Janice Chen and Jo Ann Lane

Molecular Biology/Evolution Anatomy
& Physiology

Maria's Travels Revisited A Case on Hemoglobin Proteins Blair Winch and Brian Santone

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