Forum on Botanical
Education and Outreach

August 2- 4, 2002

Botany 2002

Pyle Conference Center
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Scientific Conference

August 4- 8, 2002

LifeLines OnLine Workshop
August 4, 2002

Of Cabbages and Kimchee:
Investigative Case-Based Learning Activities
from Recipes Gone Wrong to Real-Time
Data Acquisition and Simulation

Kimchee is a traditional, fermented Korean food that offers rich opportunities for inquiry in the classroom and lab. Using an investigative case-based learning approach, we present cultural, nutritional, biochemical, and microbiological aspects of kimchee in a series of activities that include:

  • exploration of a LifeLines OnLine case "The Kimchee Recipes"
  • construction of take-home kimchee fermentation chambers
  • demonstration of real time data acquisition to monitor changes in pH, turbidity, CO2 production, O2 consumption, and microbial populations
  • demonstration of a new BioQUEST computer simulation, Sim Chee, to build kimchee models and simulate fermentation under different experimental conditions
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