LifeLines Faculty Workshop

Edison Community College
Fort Myers, FL

January 6, 2003

Faculty members from Edison Community College met on January 6, 2003 at the Lee Campus in Fort Myers, Florida for a LifeLines workshop. Margaret Waterman, Ethel Stanley, and Linda Weinland introduced cases developed by past LifeLines participants.

The group considers the options for controlling citrus canker and what they need to find out before they can choose one.




Case Based


"Family Trees" was one of the cases explored by the group. This case involves citrus canker and was first proposed by ECC faculty member Linda Weinland. The case was later co-developed with Peter Woodruff and Margaret Waterman during the June 2002 Biocomplexity workshop held at Beloit College.

The case was read aloud and Know/Need to Know information was quickly generated by the participants who included a master gardener who was familiar with current control protocol, a homeowner who had a "sentinel tree" located on her property, and an anatomy and physiology prof with a penchant for reading about Xanthomonas.


Brainstorming during the citrus canker case generated enthusiastic responses.

Who says learning isn't fun?

One new case resource, a collection of citrus products from the local supermarket, was used to emphasize global issues involved with citrus. Participants engaged in a lively discussion and quickly produced a series of questions for investigation.

A quick scan of the labels reveals the origin of these citrus products to include Florida, California, Texas, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Curacao, Portugal and China.

Individual case writing was limited, but most faculty drafted a mini-case based on a topic they wanted students to investigate in one of their own courses.

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