Investigative Case 4: Tree Thinking

1. Witness for the Whales

DNA Surveillance Testing Alleged Whale Meat Samples

2. Extend your investigations by using additional nucleic acid sequences. You can make your own dataset. You might search for research articles that include datasets.

Note: Consider using the NDJINN search tool on the Biology WorkBench site / to search for other whale sequences. You can also use BLAST to search for similar sequences in other databases.

3. Extend your knowledge about whales by developing an activity that uses other whale data. You may wish to use internet resources to get ideas or different kinds of data. Here are a few to get you started:

Whippo Problem Space

International Whaling Commission

(Data on whales, population numbers, classification, images, etc.)

The Japanese Whaling Simulation (Debate scenario)

Virtual Whales ales/media.htm


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